A blog on life.

When we often have personal issue to contend with, mot people can’t do as they feel they need too.

I too have this issue, which is Why I am so interested in putting God-yes I said GOD! FIRST!

You see, the truth of it is, that most people have forgotten who He is and why He put us here and made us.

Many people from the lowest, poorest of persons; to those of high position and wealth all have personal concerns that are not given help and often turn people towards thinking of deeply negative things, we can all become lesser people, when we think of how the issues of life try to get us down-The Truth of it is, we don’t know Who God is, and why he wants us to be happy, prosperous in all things.

God made in “HIS IMAGE” Meaning, that our image is his mind-We have therefore the Mind O’Christ Yes? So if we are God’s Mirror/Image? Why are not therefore thinking like this?

In the book of Mathew, chapter 6:33, it says that if we seek God first, daily, indeed always and do all that he wants us to do-He will give (meaning free STUFF) given means, the only price is to put God first; then He will release things such as: Husbands, Wives, Children to the barren women…

I will leave it at that for now


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