Millions of couples have seen their marriages and relationships transformed though learning to speak the five love languages.

As you discover your own love language-and that of your spouse-you will understand yourself better and hold a priceless advantage in the quest for love that lasts a lifetime.

By helping others feel truly and deeply loved, you will be giving a gift that never leaves.

The 5 are:

Words Of Affirmation

Quality Time

Receiving Gifts

Acts Of Service

Physical Touch


What are words of affirmation, and how do we benefit from it?

Ever heard of, (I love you) Wow, you look so hot in those jeans? You look happy today, I am glad we met, I was wondering if I can show you a smile?

The above are good and positive words, but then we have far more negative ones.

Dude, you look tired, my dear, your hair looks damp, wonders never cease to amaze!

If only you took the trash out, when are you doing the shopping?

These are far too common and get people into that place that can destroy a relationship.


I am a person with a deep understanding of relationships, and understanding on female convresations; having worked with more then 3000 of them in jobs ver the years, and know who to intereact with both man/women in certain areas of life and love.




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